Simplifying Complex Scheduling Tasks


Achieving the Utmost Training Management Efficiency

Fox's optimization tools go beyond valid scheduling to generate the most efficient schedules for real cost savings and revenue opportunities. Fox's unique feature is its ability to produce schedules and allocate resources based on multiple objectives – allowing several goals to be quickly achieved simultaneously in order to establish a schedule that is optimal in terms of complying with resource rules and limitations, training goals, and cost management. It is flexible and highly configurable, allowing customers to add and manage their own set of rules and preferences directly from the system's web interface. Our product's breakthrough technological innovation is based on multiple internally developed algorithms and engines that no other training management system has. These complex interdependent components create scheduling and cost management simplicity for our customers.


Optimizer Machine for PR May 11



Fox's optimization innovation is its ability to effectively to simultaneously:

  • Make the formation of training programs significantly more efficient through an automatic process that decreases the effort and time spent performing these tasks.
  • Decrease training time. Training schedules are created considering daily operations (regular flights, maintenance) and using resources most efficiently including trainee and instructor time, so that both pathways (training and operations) operate optimally in tandem without interference of each other.
  • Reduce costs due to better usage of existing resources and optimizing the entire process.
  • Diminish planning issues resulting from human errors by using an automatic system that takes into account all of the relevant data.
  • Increase the transparency and clarity of the training process. This also decreases friction and potential conflicts between various interest groups within the aviation and aviation-training world.
  • Improve the reliability and standardization of training program scheduling processes, consistently saving time and ensuring adherence to rules and regulations.
  • Limit various resource erosion, whether physical or human.
  • Implement a recovery plan in a short timeframe in cases of unexpected changes in training program execution, while ensuring an optimal program.


Fox generates the most efficient schedules for real cost savings and revenue opportunities. Specific benefits achieved include:

  • Increased capacity to meet training growth: Fox maximizes utilization of core resources, such as simulators and instructors.
  • Assured compliance with safety regulations: the first priority for all automation and optimization processes is to provide a valid training plan, one that meets all regulations and rules.
  • Decreased training costs: the system decreases training costs by optimizing resource utilization. Fox minimizes the need to lease additional resources and reduces instructor overtime and salary/overtime payments. It also reduces travel and lodging expenses for both instructors and trainees.
  • Minimized scheduling and recovery time: Fox ensures that training schedules are executed with ease and maximum efficiency. Fox quickly synchronizes training devices and teaching space with human instructor and trainee availability.
  • Manage unexpected issues after a program had already begun: for recovery, Fox builds a new plan with a minimal number of changes in order to reduce damages, financial and otherwise, that are likely to occur due to changes in the existing plan. For complex operations, this provides a significant advantage in terms of the efficiency and operational cost savings.
  • Simplified and standardized training operations: Fox saves time, speeds up scheduling processes, and automatically manages complex multiple training scheduling considerations.
  • Improved decision-making and control: leaders are provided with online dashboards presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow them to identify immediate opportunities, gaps and deviations, approve business decisions and examine mid and long term plans.
  • Maximized resource utilization: Fox enables resource management at any level of training complexity. It manages and optimizes the use of all internal and external physical and human resources. The scheduling constraints customers apply can include current and future resources (and the transitions between them), as well as resource availability, properties, business rules, training activities, contracts, and regulations. It minimizes operational costs and maximizes possible revenues, while satisfying training demand without violating regulations, work rules or other restrictions.