Britannica Knowledge Systems Collaborates with Aptima to Develop AI-Based Adaptive Training for the US Air Force 



Fort Worth, Texas, June 22, 2021  

Britannica Knowledge Systems, the leader in training and readiness management solutions, is pleased to announce a new initiative with Aptima, a front-runner in optimizing human performance in mission-critical settings. This collaboration exploits AI to improve training outcomes for the US Air Force, enabling more efficient and effective training programs. 

The USAF’s standards require preeminently-trained pilots who can effectively complete their missions in highly-challenging circumstances. Training and qualifying pilots for these assignments requires costly resources, comprising expert trainers, and physical resources such as simulators and live flights. The USAF has adopted the most advanced technological solutions to attain Proficiency-Based Training (PBT) that emphasizes quality and ensures maximal readiness. 

To support this effort, Aptima’s precision training and on-the-job augmentation capabilities are integrated with Britannica’s Fox automating scheduling functionality to enable personalization of the training process, so that pilots can focus on the skills that require additional practice, and limit the number of sessions for skills that they have already mastered. Pilots in the USAF can now benefit from an individualized training program, based not only on their own performance, but also in comparison to the historical performance derived from analytics collected from pilots for several years. These adaptive training and scheduling programs enable the USAF to qualify pilots faster and far more efficiently than with traditional training methods.  

“Our collaboration with Aptima is a prime example of how Britannica is utilizing the most advanced technology to enable the most effective, personalized training solutions,” said Miki Ringlehim, VP Sales at Britannica Knowledge Systems. “Fox’s Adaptive Scheduling enables more efficient training programs which can result in significant savings of costly human and physical resources.” 

The fusion of Britannica’s advanced training solution and Aptima’s performance augmentation enables the US Air Force to achieve optimal readiness and performance in the briefest time span, with AI-based learning and qualification processes and methodologies. 

Originally published by the Halldale Group. 

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