Defense Force Training Management

Defense Force Training Management

How Fox Adds Value to Defense Force Operations

Fox is a complete solution developed and evolved from real defense force needs in the three essential areas of training, learning and readiness management. Benefits include:

  • Increased throughput due to automated tools that manage multiple interconnected scheduling and resource scenarios, mitigating training interruptions and maximizing resource utilization
  • Optimized costly training operation resources through the powerfully efficient execution of the planning, allocation, scheduling, monitoring, and adapting of training programs
  • Mission-relevant training through tools that define roles, capabilities, objectives and measures, relate them to training methods and activities, and then validate assumptions through ongoing measurement of performance results
  • Training effectiveness focused on bottom-line proficiency and performance through tools that manage advanced learning methods, rigorous evaluations and analytical achievement monitoring
  • Individual preparedness and unit readiness using tools that help maintain competencies by defining and managing currency training cycles, personal qualifications, unit-specific training programs, and integrated readiness records containing all training and qualification data
  • Continuous training program enhancement through increased training plan monitoring and control via constant customized training program analytical views that empower commanding ranks with insight to improve relevancy, effectiveness and readiness
  • Integration between functions that allows sharing of individual and unit cradle-to-grave training and qualification readiness records, with this data maintained for all perpetuity

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