Security Force Training Management

Security Force Training Management

How Fox Adds Value to Security Provider Training Operations

Fox allows for more effective, efficient and better-coordinated readiness operations, conceptually focusing on the preparedness of personnel. Benefits to utilizing Fox for security management include:

  • Improved joint force training planning and execution to prepare for major public and private events through combined unit training management
  • Shortened reaction time in crisis due to readiness gained through qualification management, proper training and performance measurement, optimal scheduling and resource management, readiness monitoring and connectivity between units
  • Unified control via this customizable management platform that fuses mission standards, people, and training operations
  • More effective and efficient training through an all-in-one system that helps assess training needs; plan, budget, create, schedule and deliver course curriculum; measure and improve overall performance; and ensure continuous monitoring of proficiency levels
  • Automated scheduling management of complex and challenging scenarios containing people and resources for both training and operational environments
  • Increased training plan control through sophisticated planning tools that automatically construct alternative training plans for a continuous conflict-free workflow
  • Standardized mission, training and performance requirements within training programs through the systematic program design and measurement
  • Streamlined qualification, certification and compliance management through flexible and robust tools that track expirations and manage changes in governing rules and procedures
  • A constant picture of preparedness through centralized, real-time, alert-enabled views of unit readiness conditions

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