Civil Aviation Training Management

Civil Aviation Training Management

Achieve an Optimized Aviation Training Program

Managing civil aviation training operations requires precise and seamless administration of a variety of complex interconnected business processes. Airlines must balance training time with operational time to ensure that pilots and crew maintain their skills and compliance with regulatory bodies. For training providers, the challenge of providing high-quality, affordable and timely training is further complicated by the diverse regulatory, qualification and curriculum requirements of their many customers.

Our innovative, comprehensive aviation training management system, Fox, enables airlines and training providers to most efficiently and effectively manage qualifications, training and learning. In addition to a comprehensive set of features for designing, scheduling, executing and evaluating training, Fox helps civil aviation operations management gain insight for sound decision-making through configurable desktop portal dashboards that accurately present relevant data in useful charts and reports. The result is an optimized training program that continuously self-validates for ongoing performance improvement.

AQP/ATQP & Qualification Management

Managing the Complete Lifecycle of Aviation Qualification Training

Fox manages the complete lifecycle of airline qualification training while providing critical insights for continual proficiency and safety improvement. Fox's flexible and robust airline qualification management solution consists of state-of-the-art tools that support innovative training methodologies and technology. Its advanced features ensure that instructors possess the requisite instructional skills and accreditations for each training task. Fox has the most robust and innovative qualification management platform for both traditional and alternative regulatory programs. Fox standardizes and automates airline and training provider qualification training for airlines with multiple departments, fleets, locations, subsidiaries, and organizational units.

Fox is your best answer in meeting the AQP goal of increased aviation safety through improved crew oriented training, validation and evaluation. Fox supports all AQP development and implementation processes: analysis, training program design and curriculum development, grading and evaluation for meeting the main goal of high standard qualified pilots, instructors and evaluators. Fox provides flexibility that will allow you to be responsive to changes in aircraft technology, operations, and training methodologies by providing a dynamic platform for changes management.  

AQP Training Planning and Scheduling

Integrated training planning and scheduling support is an essential element of the AQP process, and no other training management system has better capabilities in this area than Fox. Fox's rules-based scheduling engine optimizes scheduling and resource allocation based on multiple objectives, thus uniquely allowing numerous goals to be achieved while managing resources. It produces optimized valid schedules that support an unlimited number and types of resources, locations, training activities, and work rules. Specific to AQP, for example, Fox manages performance-based scheduling requirements as well as those associated with seat support. It ensures efficient and effective training planning and execution while scheduling all training, including a wide variety of certifications and qualifications, as well as record-driven remedial and recurring training. Comprised of a proprietary optimization solver, rules and validation engines, and a set of analytics tools, the engine enables resource management at any level of training complexity, satisfying training demand without violating regulations, work rules, or other restrictions. As standard with the Fox system, management is empowered with complete landscape views of organization-wide resource utilization that provide insight and control for continuous program performance improvement.

AQP Validation and Evaluation

Fox will help you manage AQP validation and evaluation necessary to grade and assess pilots according to predefined criteria. Such evaluated criteria can replicate real life to cover not only safety, but also decision-making and crew cooperation. Fox supports grading methods and validation rules, training continuity, and crew grading. Fox handles the validation and evaluation points for moving from segment to segment all the way to the line-oriented evaluation. This includes grading scenarios and event-sets, and gradual qualification milestone activities (system validation, procedure and maneuver validation, line oriented evaluation, and line check navigation). Fox delivers unique and fully customizable user-generated assessment tools, using both multiple methodology scales and descriptive textual remarks, which support individual and group-based training analysis. The system tracks and maintains individual performance achievement data, transforming it into valuable training progress information. The system works on tablets and mobile devices, effectively capturing and assessing indoor and outdoor training, simulations and performance executions. Evaluators can conduct grading offline, with results synchronized with the Fox database when a Wi-Fi connection is available. Evaluators use the information gathered to define the skill level of the trainee and review performance gaps for improving future training. For overall program and service improvement, Fox has built-in customizable surveys to elicit trainee experience feedback. After course completion, Fox maintains all data, for recordkeeping as well as analysis and qualification development improvement. If required, you can also de-identify event-level performance data in Fox.

Proficiency-based Training Program Design and Curriculum Development

Fox will help you thoroughly manage the AQP proficiency-based program design and curriculum development, derived from the detailed job task analysis. Fox accelerates time to competence and increases learning effectiveness through an unparalleled Curriculum Management module that facilitates course curriculum creation and ongoing management. Fox will allow you to structure each curriculum including the details of each outlined activity, in a way that exactly meets your needs. This activity is essential to developing proficiency-based, regulatory-compliant curricula. It includes curriculum outlines, curriculum segments, ground and flight trainings, validations, evaluations and much more. You can define the different qualification structures for new hires, or for existing pilots (initial, transition, upgrade, requalification), and continuing qualification. It allows airlines and training providers to develop a complete curriculum including study programs, training objectives and lesson plans that utilize and test with FAA, EASA, and JCAB-prescribed content. Training developers and ISD personnel can set up each entity with its own respective definitions to include multilevel hierarchical curricula and training activities of any type. Properties such as duration and grading criteria are associated with each subject and activity as well as learning objectives. Training developers can easily maintain and manage curricula. They can also apply revision control and approval processes as needed. Fox is extremely flexible and configurable, capable of managing all AQP curricula (specific course of study/plan of learning, which are called "training programs" in Fox) types such as indoctrination, qualification and continuing qualification curricula. It supports AQP curriculum components, including knowledge validations, procedure validations, maneuver validations, LOFT and line operational evaluations. You can easily maintain activity repositories, master plan curriculum templates, content, media, and special activities. Using the report builder, you will be able to report on the curriculum development status.

Curriculum Footprint Templates

Fox allows the development of complete curriculum footprints (templates for rapid training program creation), which can be used repetitively. Training developers and instructional system design (ISD) personnel can set up each footprint with its own respective definitions to include multilevel hierarchical subjects and training activities of any type such as: lessons, computer based training (CBT) sessions, simulations, tests, and checks. For AQP/ATQP training, each activity can be associated with the relevant objectives and job task objects (JTOs), such as task and sub tasks, according to the type of training (e.g., recurrent, qualification, and continuing qualification). Footprint capabilities include creating and managing footprints with their relevant components, such as subjects (segments, modules), activities, lessons and objectives.

Activities in footprints can also be copied from activity repositories or they can be created from scratch. Additional capabilities include conducting an approval process with multiple approval levels for footprints and validating the training curriculum through the AQP/ATQP database. This assures that all required tasks are trained and objectives are met.

Within the footprint, users can structure the flow and activity prerequisites. From the footprints, users create training programs (curricula). Footprint components and settings are copied to the relevant training program and adjusted according to specific requirements (such as additional activities, updating activity, and duration). The system allows users to track the changes originating from the baseline footprint to an actual training program in order to update the footprint for future use.

AQP Program Analysis

Fox will support your ability to determine essential skill and knowledge requirements and develop objectives, with relevant conditions and standards. Fox has the platform for maintaining the job task lists that define the pilot tasks. It maintains a qualification standard tree containing task equivalent terminal proficiency objectives (TPOs) including performance grading scales and additional properties such as criticality, currency, evaluation strategy, and other conditions and standards. Using Fox's report builder, form generators and other flexible tools, you will be able tailor AQP-related analysis and reporting components to your needs.

Crew Qualification Status Management

Fox is one of the most innovative airline training management solutions for certifications and qualifications. It enables easy airline qualification management and compliance with the sophisticated and ever-changing criteria required for professional accreditations. Through the ability to monitor pilot, crew and maintenance qualifications on an individual and group basis, airlines and training providers ensure that aviation functional and training operations are staffed with qualified personnel.  Fox will allow you to determine relevant qualifications and define as many qualifications as required. By associating certifications and qualifications with training, as well as operational and other requirements (such as medical check-ups and security clearances), and registering users for both required qualifications and assigned training, you will be able to manage and monitor the complete cycle of each and every qualification. Fox will help you track expiration dates, stay apprised of training requirements, and disseminate alerts and notifications. These notification and other automated features help assure that personnel stay qualified without expiration.

Job Task Analysis

Fox is a powerful airline training management solution that supports the airline and provider training needs job task analysis that is essential to developing proficiency-based, regulatory-compliant curricula. The system flexibly captures hierarchical job data that support AQP and ATQP certification guidelines, including tasks, subtasks, skills and objectives. This job task data can be easily transformed into the basis of the curriculum and training events. The system was designed for easy modification and maintenance, including initial and ongoing validation as well as approval and version management.

Qualification/Grading Standards and Methods

Fox facilitates performance and knowledge assessment grading customized for compliance with AQP and ATQP requirements and based on training customer needs. This advance airline qualification management system allows users to easily set up all qualification standards and criteria for qualifying an individual for the first time and on a recurring basis. It enables use of multiple methodology scales and descriptive textual remarks and may include both training and non-training criteria such as medical checkups and security clearance.

Defining Currency Requirements

Using Fox, airlines and training providers can set up recurrent training for qualification renewals with an intuitive, web-based wizard. The system allows users to set expiration and renewal criteria as well as notifications that alert relevant staff about impending qualification expirations. A series of configurable business rules allow you to determine how learning and training activities are credited to currencies, how changes to standards and qualification requirements affect the current situation, and when users are notified of pending requirements.

Data Management & Reporting

Fox enables high-level reporting from airlines to regulators using a flexible infrastructure for operating competency-based training programs. Data from the mandatory alternative qualification training programs systems (Program Audit Database [PADB] and Pilot Performance Database [PPDB]) can be integrated with Fox's sophisticated reporting tools to provide regulators with a clear understanding of individual and program performance.

One of the major benefits of the Fox solution is that it eliminates the maintenance of duplicate records organization-wide. The Fox solution manages all records of any type including AQP/ATQP records. All data is managed in one centralized database, ensuring that no one accesses out-of-date information, and data pertaining to various populations can be accessed in in real-time from any location by users with the appropriate permissions.

Fox allows for the management of all the AQP-related data such as job task analysis data, qualification standards data, grading data, and any other data that may need to be managed in the PADB and PPDB databases for various fleets.

The Fox infrastructure is flexible enough to allow for the capture and management of standards such as those listed in The Data Management Guide (produced by the Air Transport Association's Data Management Focus Group) and any airline's specific AQP standards. Britannica's delivery team works with all clients assure that Fox meets their data management process needs and we customize the solution as required.


Fox has a very extensive reporting capability based on the integrated report builder. Fox's reports of numerous types can easily be customized to meet various standards and formats. For example, they can be tailored to fit the requirements of the current release of The Data Management Guide. Reports such as the Performance Data Report Table (PDRT) can be customized and exported for review and delivery to the FAA, JCAB, or EASA (depending on the governing authority). Reports may be scheduled for automated dissemination by email. They may be configured to be sent out as notifications triggered by various conditions, and to include statuses such as "incomplete" and "expired."

Quality Assurance Management

Fox is configured for continuous validation of complete training program quality. Data on individual and/or crew performance gathered during training sessions and pre-subscribed evaluation and validation points is analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the entire compliance program and indicate precisely where improvements are needed.

AQP/ATQP Transition Services

Britannica partners with advanced qualification program (AQP) and alternative training and qualification program (ATQP) subject matter experts to provide specialized AQP and ATQP transition assistance. This assistance helps reduce AQP and ATQP evidence-based training development timelines for airlines and training providers. Available transition process includes: defining your plans for transition, implementation and operation; writing documentation for regulatory approval; designing the required PADB training program database; creating compliant curriculum and courseware; developing, delivering and conducting training for instructors; and calibration of the instructor/evaluator training course. Britannica's expert Services team will then manage the implementation of the advanced qualification program management program or alternative training and qualification program management within the Fox training, learning and qualification management system.


Certification Management

Managers can monitor and manage preparation progress of each training program activity, such as classroom setup, laptop configurations, content development, and material printing. Fox allows users to define the certification and qualification, using terms such as: acquiring, renew, validation setting standard, approval process, monitoring status, recurrent training scheduling, alerts, early and grace periods. Other features include the ability to view all trainee records for the specific training, as well as dismiss a trainee from a training program. Trainee records are maintained but the trainee's scores are not considered in the training program's grade average. Managers can define certification status for trainees and they can issue and print certificates according to predefined certification templates. Graduations are managed by defining the graduation criteria and cycle for approval once all the training tasks have been successfully completed. Fox also allows the printing of a customized certificate at the end of the graduation approval process.

AQP/ATQP Recordkeeping

Fox's recordkeeping module oversees all training records, for trainees and instructors, by saving and storing all personal achievement data in personal records. Each trainee personal record is maintained for the long-term, so that any data Fox captures at any time accumulates and is kept for as long as required. Within the recordkeeping function delegate training record permissions can be granted to designated instructors/managers. This function also maintains training objectives records according to the objective, activity and curriculum version. It allows users to export all training records according to the AQP/ATQP format and print all training records according to the AQP/ATQP defined templates. Fox will maintain all records for the required time period deemed by an organization or its regulating authority.