Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance Training for Airlines, Training Providers & Flight Schools

Fox is specially crafted to support the aviation industry’s challenging training requirements.

Manage and control the entire lifecycle of pilot, cabin crew and maintenance training, learning and qualifications in one platform.


The FAA, EASA and other Civil Aviation Authorities require meticulous oversight.  Fox will improve your training efficiency and performance, while ensuring compliance. The Fox platform is ideally suited to both traditional and alternative regulatory programs such as AQP, ATQP & EBT.


Fox’s algorithm-based optimization engines have been designed, calibrated & proven to improve training efficiency, reduce costs & increase capacity. Managers benefit from deeper insight with configurable dashboards that accurately present data in customized charts & reports.

Commitment to your Success

With more than 30 years in the field, we know the global aviation training industry and already work with many of its biggest players.

Whether large or small, the Fox TMS will improve training performance, boost trainee and training staff satisfaction, and enable you to focus on your business.

Fox for Airlines

Fox manages complex & demanding airline training operations and increases efficiency & organizational flexibility

  • Scalable approach for airlines of all sizes
  • Ensure employees maintain skills and compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Increase training capacity while cutting costs
  • Guarantee maximum pilot availability for peak seasons
  • Improve employee satisfaction and quality of life
  • Standardize & automate training programs across departments, fleets and locations

Fox for Training Centers

Respond quickly to market changes & customer requirements, while ensuring outstanding training quality

  • Optimize training operations
  • Increase revenue and capacity (wet and dry lease)
  • Reduce costs with Fox’s unique algorithm-based engines to gain a more competitive edge
  • Retain satisfied customers and grow your business successfully
  • Manage instructor and trainee qualifications
  • Issue trainee certifications directly in Fox and track invoicing

Fox for Flight Schools

Increase training capacity through efficient management of the entire training operation

  • Industry-proven to cater to flight schools large and small
  • Replace multiple systems and logbooks with Fox’s comprehensive platform
  • Manage grading and qualifications for trainers and trainees
  • Log aircraft times for availability and to ensure fleet-balancing
  • Monitor engine hours for inspection and maintenance purposes
  • Respond quickly to ad-hoc customer requests

Fox for Cabin Crew

Ensure an effective and personalized training experience for world-class flight attendants

  • Suited to AQP, ATQP, EBT and traditional regulatory programs
  • Monitor flight attendant qualifications on an individual and group basis
  • Track expiration dates to stay apprised of training requirements
  • Send alerts to trainees and trainers to ensure currency
  • Increase efficiency to boost training capacity

Fox for Maintenance Training

Manage aviation maintenance training while providing critical insights for continual proficiency & safety improvement

  • Quickly and efficiently schedule curriculum, instructors and training events
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory & industry quality and safety standards
  • Enable offline grading and record keeping (LMS, attendance, etc)
  • Centrally manage all documentation
  • Track instructor professional development and set goals

Step up your maintenance training with Fox

Boost Your Training with Fox

Training & Curriculum Design

Systemize training curricula through objective/task analysis


Optimize planning for increased training throughput

Request Management

Rapidly transform training requests into executable training


Simplify courseware development and delivery

Scheduling & Resource

Simplify complex scheduling processes & optimize schedules

Qualification & Certification

Manage the complete lifecycle of qualification training


Streamline instructor & crew qualification management

Reports & Analytics

Enhance operational monitoring, control & decision-making

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