About Us

About Us

A Leader in Training & Readiness Management Solutions

Britannica Knowledge Systems offers the industry's most complete and comprehensive portfolio of integrated training and readiness management solutions. The company's proven track record is based on more than 30 years of hands-on experience in providing optimal solutions for the most prestigious, complex and demanding operations in the areas of civil aviation, defense, security force, UAS, and corporate training management.

It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, verifying its ability to consistently meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements as well as its aim to enhance customer satisfaction and seek continual improvement. 

Britannica is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Encylopædia Britannica. As a subsidiary of this 245 year-old brand, we are committed to upholding this trusted name (that is synonymous with knowledge) by doing everything it takes to achieve our customers' and partners' highest definition of success.

Our offices are located in Chicago, Illinois and Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Our Unique Platform for Training Management and Optimization

Developed and evolved from real user needs, Britannica's flagship product, Fox, is an innovative web-based training management system that optimizes the training, scheduling and operational readiness of complex global training organizations. Fox enables better design, management, planning, scheduling, delivery, evaluation and monitoring of training programs. 

Fox enables training establishments, training centers, operational units and military organizations to increase operational efficiency, improve training throughput and effectiveness, and continuously expand and assure optimal proficiency and readiness levels.

A complete solution, it oversees the use of costly resources, simplifies complex scheduling tasks, and manages the complete lifecycle of qualification training. Fox helps create and deliver course curriculum, improve overall performance, and ensure continuous oversight of proficiency and readiness levels.

As budgets tighten, configurability and flexibility grows in importance to training providers. Simply smarter by design, Fox is easily configured and can be fully customized to enable every solution of any size and complexity to meet specific requirements. Customized features developed for a specific customer are incorporated into the system and supported for all customers as part of periodic upgrades to our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product.

Fox's open and modular architecture enables fully-scalable and flexible deployment. Organizations use only the required functionality and no more, with effortless integration with relevant information systems and databases.


Our strategic vision is to lead the market we serve with training management solutions that fit the needs of customers of all sizes. We methodically execute this through the ongoing enhancement of our product, primarily based on customer needs and market developments.


The mission of Britannica Knowledge Systems is to optimize organizational performance by providing exceptional training management solutions for organizations with complex and highly regulated training programs.

Operating Priorities

  • Satisfy customers' complex and ever-changing needs
  • Attract and employ the best people (please see "Careers at Britannica" for more on this)
  • Surpass the competition with better products, services, and customer service
  • Deliver profitable growth

Core Values

  • Integrity, honesty, respect and openness, in all that we do. We value responsible conduct among ourselves, with clients, and in the community.
  • A commitment to creating value for and meeting the needs of our clients and partners through technology and innovation that solve their issues and shape the marketplace.
  • Delivering on promises and providing results with unparalleled quality and proven success.
  • Individual growth and personal excellence through constructive feedback and continual self-improvement.

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We would be thrilled to personally answer any of your questions, conduct a dialogue with you to understand your needs, and show you a demonstration of our innovative training, learning and qualification management platform

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To see up-to-date information on our product updates, industry news, and intriguing developments in training for to the sectors we serve, please visit our blog: What's Happening. To see news clips of instances where our experts were quoted in the media and coverage