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Britannica's User Summit: A Great Success!

Britannica's User Summit: A Great Success!

We've just returned from an exciting two-day Users Summit in Austin, Texas, with almost all of our global customers as well as our technical and executive teams including our CEO.  

Day one included short customer presentations of their Fox programs plus two more comprehensive customer presentations of lessons learned and the Optimizer. In the afternoon and evening, we had fun together touring beautiful Austin on the amphibious Austin Ducks tour and shared a great dinner at one of Texas' best steakhouses.

Day two opened with a customer presentation describing their AQP program that Fox manages. Our professional team provided presented on customer feedback, innovations and roadmap, R&D and new technologies, and support.

Participants were proactive and communicative, they asked many questions, shared practices and ideas, supported BKS teams and products and happily "made friends." Many expressed their appreciation and stated clearly that the event was worthwhile and exceeded their expectations. The event established a promising and powerful learning community,  Everyone learned from each other, and our team walked away with many important insights to review in order to better fufill our mission to meet the complex training needs of the Aviation market.

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Sunday, 16 June 2019

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