Training Optimization Consulting

Training Optimization Consulting

Leading Processes for Defining Your Optimal
Training Management Solution 

Through Fox, Britannica Knowledge Systems provides customers with the right solutions for managing and optimizing their training operations. Although Fox is a simple to use, out-of-the-box solution, engaging our consulting services enables the help of experts who will help you to best achieve your goals and get the most out of the system.

We understand core business processes and use this understanding to offer consulting services that lead you through a methodology to determine how to improve operations and achieve your training management goals. Our team works closely with you, focusing on your unique business and its challenges, while rigorously identifying project needs, goals, and risks to define the solution. Our team develops a systematic plan to meet these identified needs, leveraging available resources and supplementing core capabilities with our expertise to minimize project risk and maximize business results.

Expert Assistance

Our service team experts, each of whom has a demonstrated track record in carrying out successful deployments of our solutions, possess advanced competencies in the key areas of needs assessment analysis, system configuration and set-up, project management, implementation planning, and change management. The team develops an individualized project plan for each organization, based upon proven practices, that complements in-house existing competencies and balances the required amount of support to ensure an organization's ongoing success.