Organizations around the globe use Fox to optimize their training operations

Effectively manage your entire training, learning & qualification processes in a single comprehensive platform

Ensure personnel maintain skill and compliance with any company, industry or regulatory standards

Retain satisfied employees and grow your business successfully

Increase your training capacity and gain organizational flexibility with Fox's patented optimization engines allowing efficient scheduling and resource management.

Easily accessible data means you can accurately schedule and forecast by quickly seeing which resources and trainers are available, enabling you to respond to any given situation.

Automate complex scheduling processes, reducing hours of work into a few simple clicks. Fox will provide several scheduling options based on pre-defined KPIs.

Ongoing Performance Improvement

Gain deeper business insight to facilitate decision-making and improve training quality, resulting in an optimized training program that continuously self-validates.

Schedule Management and Control

Fox mitigates unplanned training schedule changes to allow training to proceed with minimal interference. Fox includes rescheduling and 'disaster recovery' tools, instructor event bidding, and a notification and alerts center to get you back on track with as little impact as possible on operations.

Personalized Training Experience

Fox makes it easy for employees to stay focused with personalized training portals. Trainees can access their schedule, training materials and online tasks, as well as review their performance progress and test results.

Employee Quality of Life

Fox’s long-term and monthly planning capabilities ensure workload balancing and quality of life. Instructor preferences are taken into account during scheduling to improve satisfaction levels and reduce churn. Fox also includes a career development module to help set longer-term goals.


All data for trainees and instructors is saved in personal records. These can be exported and printed in defined templates. Records can be stored for any required time period.

Fox enables efficient management and control of your training, learning and qualification processes.

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Boost Your Training with Fox

Training and Curriculum Design

Systemize training curricula through objective/task analysis


Optimize Planning for Increased Training Throughput

Request Management

Rapidly Transform Training Requests into Executable Training


Simplify courseware development and delivery

Scheduling & Resource

Simplify complex scheduling processes and optimize schedules

Qualification & Certification

Manage the complete lifecycle of qualification training.


Streamline instructor and crew qualification management

Reports and Analytics

Enhance operational monitoring, control and decision-making

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