Customer Cases

Customer Cases


"Training Management Systems: Tracking Trends for Training" delivered at WATS 2017 by Captain Sam Ratterree, PHI Training Department Head, covers instructional methodologies, training tracking best practices; and how to use systemized trend tracking to project, develop and staff training operations. These training management tools can be used to continually improve training and operational safety. PHI uses the Fox Training Management System to perform all the operations he presents in the video.

United Airlines

This presentation, "New Strategies and Technologies to Optimize Aviation Learning and Training," delivered at WATS 2016, covers how and why United sought to better manage the supply and demand of personnel and training resources, and improve training development. The presenter, Captain Michael McCasky, is the Managing Director of Flight Training at United Airlines. He currently oversees United's training centers in Denver and Houston.

Bank Hapoalim

Our customer, Bank Hapoalim, recently won the prestigious Learning! 100 Award for learning culture, innovation and high performance. Britannica’s Fox, the software that manages employee proficiency and readiness, is an integral part of the bank’s learning program. The honor celebrates “Global Learning Leadership” and is hosted by Elearning! Media Group. Among the other winners’ names, you will find major organizations such as Cisco, NASA, IBM, and Google.

Canadian Air Force

The Canadian Air Force purchased Fox to be a significant component of the Air Force Integrated Information Learning Environment (AFIILE), the standard suite of training tools mandated for use in all of its training programs. Supporting AFIILE throughout Canada, Fox is installed in 23 Air Force training schools and squadrons and in use by 18,000 French and English speakers. All present and future Canadian Air Force training programs are required to use Fox.