Defense Force Training Management

Defense Force Training Management

Optimize Defense Force Training, Ensure Readiness

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Fox significantly supports the ability to produce military personnel who are well-trained and relentlessly prepared for combat. The modular, scalable, Fox, helps forces do better with less, while ensuring that training is relevant, effective and efficient. It enables defense forces to optimize demanding and costly training operations and ensure individual preparedness and unit readiness.

A multi-echelon solution, Fox inclusively supports all roles relevant to training management, such as instructors, ISDs, schedulers, commanders, and trainees within combat units as well as troop schoolhouses and training centers. Fox helps with the entire lifecycle of readiness training program management, enabling accurate assessment of training needs, training program design, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring. It easily manages complicated military scheduling scenarios, synchronizing physical equipment and multiple locations with instructors and trainees. And its flexible and robust qualification management solution helps maintains personnel currency while providing commanders with critical insights for continual proficiency and safety improvement.