Fox: Our Unique Platform for Training Management and Optimization

Fox Training Management System

A Unique Platform for Training Management Optimization

Our flagship product, Fox, is an innovative web-based training management system that optimizes the training, scheduling and operational readiness of complex global training organizations. Developed and evolved from real user needs, Fox enables better designscheduling, executionevaluation and monitoring of training programs.

Fox enables training establishments, training centers, operational units and military organizations to increase operational efficiency, improve training throughput and effectiveness, and continuously expand and assure optimal proficiency and readiness levels.

A complete solution, it oversees the use of costly resources, simplifies complex scheduling tasks, and manages the complete lifecycle of qualification training. It also helps create and deliver course curriculum, improve overall performance, and ensure continuous monitoring of proficiency and readiness levels.

As budgets tighten, configurability and flexibility grows in importance to training providers. Simply smarter by design, Fox is easily configured and can be fully-customized to enable every solution of any size and complexity to meet specific requirements. Customized features developed for a specific customer are incorporated into the system and supported for all customers as part of periodic upgrades to our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product.

Fox's open and modular architecture enables fully-scalable and flexible deployment. Organizations use only the required functionality and no more, with effortless integration with relevant information systems and databases.