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Fox manages training, scheduling and operational readiness. Use Fox to optimize resource allocation, simplify complex scheduling tasks and to manage the complete lifecycle of qualification training.

Fox can also be used to build and deliver course curriculum, improve overall performance and ensure continuous monitoring of proficiency and readiness levels.

Design, schedule, execute, evaluate and monitor your training programs better with Fox!

Increase operational

Improve training delivery
and effectiveness

Ensure optimal proficiency
and readiness

Fox Modules

Planning & Scheduling

Simplify & automate complex scheduling tasks with Fox’s proprietary algorithms

  • Ensure schedules are valid & feasible using scheduling rules & preferences
  • Sync all required resources, physical equipment & teaching spaces with training schedules
  • Automatically solve scheduling conflicts & deficiencies
  • Create alternative ‘what-if’ scenarios, analyze & compare options to select the optimal plan
  • Manage short & long-term scheduling, planning & forecasting

Resource Management

Define & manage all resources (training devices, equipment, instructors…), characteristics & configurations

  • Manage resource availability, maintenance, loans & balance workload
  • Route resource requirements to owners based on organizational structure & business rules
  • Automatically connect human resource certifications with resource requirement
  • Enable distributed resource management based on organizational structure, location or other needs
  • Manage internal & external resources, support unlimited locations for fixed & portable resources
  • Manage reusable, quantitative & consumable resources
  • Manage resource plan & actual ‘cost & consumption’ budget using Fox's economic model

Grading & Evaluation

Define evaluation forms, grading scales & data entry validation to ensure accurate performance data collection

  • Autogenerate evaluation forms based on training objectives & performance standards
  • Enable on-&-offline grading & evaluation via Fox mobile app
  • Adaptive training recommendations based on trainee progress
  • xAPI integration – incorporates objective (training devices) performance reports with evaluator entries for unified performance records & evaluations
  • Complete structured evaluation model that supports all training development methodologies – ADDIE, AQP, ATQP, EBT…
  • Analyze performance to identify possible training issues before they occur
grading and evaluation

Qualification Management

Ensure personnel acquire & maintain the skills & certifications to perform their duties

  • Define performance & experience criteria for qualification & renewal processes – including non-training criteria such as medical checkups & security clearance
  • Determine the approval process after qualification criteria are met, including issuing certifications
  • Ensure readiness by monitoring current & forecasted qualified personnel numbers
  • Manage notifications for qualification expiration & renewals to maintain currency
  • Integrate with resource management to ensure only qualified personnel are assigned to activities

Content Management

Consolidate all training content & documentation in a central location, eliminating duplication

  • Manage each document as a single copy – enable smart links from multiple items
  • Generate metadata to categorize documents for accurate search and BI
  • Link content to subjects, questions and Job Task Objectives in order to adaptively auto launch relevant content
  • Connect content to training activities, define target audiences and publish times for each
  • Automatically download content packages for offline use based on activity dates
  • Define separate repositories to enable distributed knowledge management by SMEs
  • Create web content with easy to use authoring tools and templates
  • Collect user comments to constantly validate content is up to date
  • Track version management
Content Management

Learning tools

  • Publish a course catalog to allow trainees and managers to search for courses and register online
  • Launch & run different types of content & courseware, and track trainee progress & achievements (SCORM 2004 and xAPI compliant)
  • Define and generate structured and random tests
  • Define professional development paths for different positions and levels, build personalized training plans
  • Analyze trainee satisfaction by creating & attaching feedback forms to training activities
  • Collaborate via online forums, Q&As that enable effective learning in a distributed environment

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze performance to identify possible training issues before they occur

  • Customizable dashboards and dynamic report builder enhance training performance and compliance
  • Oversee and analyze training data to improve operations
  • Generate built-in and customized reports, graphs and dashboards to comply with regulatory & corporate reporting requirements and audits
  • Track all aspects of your training operation to make real-time training improvements
  • Identify training weaknesses by revealing overall training health with information such as student and instructor performance trends; individual student and instructor results; asset utilization and capacity, schedules, compliance and qualification status
  • Create and print reports of training and scheduling records from Fox's recordkeeping module and directly from the calendar schedules
  • Filter and sort report data for easy analysis
  • Export various types of graphs, matrices and table reports to Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and other standard/common formats
  • Automatically disseminate reports via email and user dashboard notifications
  • Execute standard reporting based on Microsoft standard technologies, making report creation and BI processes familiar and easy to implement when using Fox's SQL based data warehouse and report builder
  • Reuse customizable reports to easily address any ongoing or ad-hoc reporting needs. Reports and dashboard components can be modified as needed to make more customized variations
  • Provide real-time situational awareness to support ongoing commander and manager decision-making
  • Evaluate operational training activities, performance and assessment results for individuals, teams & units
  • Analyze trends for forecasting to mitigate problems and leverage success from a macro to a micro perspective
  • Transform data into meaningful Business Intelligence (BI) to improve and optimize decisions and performance

Optimization Engine

Capture real-world complexities and create valid, feasible and optimized schedules and plans with Fox's unique algorithm-based optimization engine.

Define different optimization goals such as minimum cost, maximum throughput, specific type of training priorities, resource coverage, training continuity and more. You can even combine multiple goals.

Business rules
Define different sets of business rules and policies to ensure schedules are valid and to indicate scheduling rule violations.

Define preferences that the automated scheduling tools will consider and try to respect. Schedules are not only valid but also feasible, and the optimization engine has more flexibility than if those preferences were defined as rules.

Economic Modelling
Define values and ‘virtual’ costs for training activities and resources that will be considered by Fox optimization algorithms. In addition, define incentives and penalties to expand the optimization model to include complex considerations.

Fox's hybrid algorithms & heuristics produce the highest achievable level of valid scheduling efficiency, for training optimization.

  • Attain the highest level of valid scheduling
  • Reduce training costs
  • Minimize scheduling and recovery time
  • Expand training capacity and maximize resource utilization
  • Decrease usage of third-party equipment rental
  • Improve trainer and trainee satisfaction
  • Assure compliance with regulatory and union rules – eliminate regulation penalties
  • Improve control and decision-making
  • Diminish time-consuming tasks to focus on the big picture

Platform Architecture

System Architecture

Fox is built with a modular, microservices architecture that can be customized for solutions of any size and complexity, to meet specific requirements.

Using the latest tools and technologies, it integrates easily with other enterprise software and can be implemented quickly.

Fox is regularly updated by our team of developers to ensure it meets the changing needs of our customers.


We work closely with our customers and carry out frequent assessments to recognize new demands as they arise.

With many successful implementations worldwide, our team provides turnkey solutions to ensure that customers capitalize on the full value of Fox's offering, and helps maximize the success and return on investment of Fox's implementation.

In addition, our experts can help install and configure Fox for faster and more successful onboarding. We can support the full project lifecycle, or deliver an array of standalone professional services in the following areas: AQP/ATQP services for airlines and training providers, consulting, implementation, training, hosting (SaaS),  support and maintenance.

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