Training Device Oversight

Training Device Oversight

Systematic & Efficient Device Maintenance Management

Fox ensures that training device maintenance is managed, scheduled and executed with the utmost efficiency. Fox allows users to improve the servicing process of simulators and any other assets, whether unplanned, preventative or recurring. By synchronizing physical equipment maintenance time with training time, Fox ensures that each particular resource is kept in good condition and maximized for cost-effectiveness. Fox also improves the workflow preparation processes associated with equipment upkeep by automating and standardizing maintenance task management. Tasks to be executed for maintenance purposes can be assigned to specific personnel through Fox's task management capabilities. Maintenance resource management dashboards oversee maintenance status, providing service date ranges and hours, operation updates, and device details.

Any maintenance events can be created inside Fox's device calendars and schedules, or the MRO system maintenance schedules can be synced with Fox. Planning can be developed from overseeing resource utilizations and observing percentages of maintenance hours performed in specific time ranges. Maintenance-related reports can also be customized as needed using the built-in report builder. Fox's built-in content repositories and attachment features can be used for managing and associating technical documentation with the respective resources.


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