Risk Management

Risk Management

Improving Risk Prevention & Safety Management

Many training organizations train with safety as the overarching precept. Safety influences training and training impacts safety. Combining safety and training within a single system, Fox streamlines crucial processes and improves synergies between safety events and training. Fox's safety management capabilities includes incident/accident reporting, notifications and tracking; investigation and remedial action initiation; conclusion and lesson learned implementation monitoring; and safety statistic reporting and analysis. In Fox, hazard risks or safety incidents can be reported to the relevant parties (based on roles and permissions) enabling them to take action or to mitigate any possible consequences. Fox's dashboards provide an in-depth analysis of safety issues and risks. Managers have visibility of what's happening at the moment, and the ability to prioritize by relevant categories and levels of risk. Fox's task management capabilities enable the delegation of actions to be carried out based on any safety analysis results. In making procedural changes to prevent risks, Fox supports employee conduct change associated with the implementation of an updated/amended procedure, by requiring employees to read, sign, and assimilate a new behavior.


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