Driving Improvement through Performance Measurement

Grading & Evaluation

Driving Improvement through Performance Measurement

Fox’s comprehensive Grading & Evaluation module drives improvement by measuring performance. Fox delivers unique and fully customizable user-generated evaluation tools that support individual and group-based training analysis. The system tracks and maintains individual performance achievement data, transforming it into valuable training progress information. The system, which works on tablets and mobile devices, effectively captures and evaluates indoor and outdoor training, simulations and performance executions. The information gathered is used to define the skill level of the trainee, analyzed to review performance gaps for improving future training and readiness, and it is archived to satisfy recordkeeping requirements. The solution provides a set of briefing and debriefing tools to ensure ongoing preparedness for training and operational events that include mission readiness preparation capabilities, the automated retrieval of mission-related content, and documented performance procedures and best practices.


The Fox Training Management System:Performance Evaluation Management