Implementing Fox

Implementing Fox

Tailored Application Implementation for Business Success

Using a proven methodology, our technical implementation services team makes proper set up certain while enabling the fastest way to get your people using Fox. Each technical implementation service is designed around your specific business needs and challenges, encompassing installations, system integrations, functionality, deployment, and other technical requirements. And, Britannica's support goes beyond basic installation, ensuring that your Fox applications are effectively configured, tested, deployed and documented for future success.

Our technical team works closely with you to design scalable and affordable solutions and ensure that your system architecture can successfully support critical elements. We assist with developing your operational concept of a learning management system and the management of roles and permissions in the system. BKS can also develop for you customized solutions to meet specific functional requirements.

Proven Methodologies

Britannica's proven project management methodology encompasses five main phases in a project as well as work process details (work streams). This methodology contains a work plan, and it allows organizations to define, plan, manage, track, and supervise the project's progress. Within project management, implementation covers major upgrades, functionality, reporting, data migration in decommissioning old systems replaced by Fox, and the integration of Fox with other enterprise applications and training devices.

For deployment, Britannica helps you develop a "pilot" or preliminary system rollout phase limiting operation to a predefined group will enable the project manager to assess the functionality of the entire system's components and work processes as well as resolve any issues before rollout to the entire population. With Britannica's implementation services, your organization will be quickly and most securely on its way to more efficient and effective training operations management.