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CAT Mag Online Logo5 February 2018
ATR goes live with Fox training management platform                                                                                    Article   Link

AirSoc6 February 2018
Britannica's Fox System Goes Live at ATR
                                              Article  Link

aviation pros logo6 February 2018
Britannica's Fox System Goes Live at ATR
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aviation pros logo24 January 2018
ANA Embarks on AQP Management Through the Fox Training Management System
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AirSoc24 January 2018
All Nippon Airways (ANA) Embarks on AQP Management through the Fox Training Management System            
                                              Article  Link


CAT Mag Online Logo22 January 2018
ANA to become first airline outside U.S. to use FAA's AQP                                                      Article   Link


CAT Mag Online Logo18 January 2018
Britannica earns ISO 9001:2015 certification                                                                                    Article   Link


mst online mag logoVolume 34, Issue 6, 2017
DXC Technology Praises Britannica Knowledge Systems                                                           
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mst online mag logo2017 Industry Simulation Training Awards
Innovation Award Winner                                                                                                 
  Article   Link


Halldale's CAT magazine Britannica Knowledge Systems and Fox26 April 2017
Britannica Launches the Optimizer at WATS 2017
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