Meet us at APATS 2019 in Singapore (Sept 3-4)


We will be hosting self-service demos of the Fox Training Management System at APATS in Booth 504.

Presenting a new mobile user experience, you are invited to pick up a mobile device from our demo table and experience how easy it is to manage your training with Fox.

Our recently launched its “Fox-for-All" approach, combines this new user experience with cost-efficient shared cloud services, self-implementation tools and tiered support packages. This approach has attracted many new customers in 2019, including Singapore Flying College, Pobeda Airlines and Pacific Sky Aviation.

At APATS, visitors will be able to try out specialized role-based features for thoroughly managing and optimizing pilot, cabin crew, maintenance and ground crew training.

Fox manages planning and scheduling, optimizing the use of training devices, instructors and other training resources. It ensures that highly regulated organizations stay in compliance and constantly improves training development, learning and testing, performance evaluation and analytics.

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