A Complete Solution to All Your Training Management Needs

Our Training Focus

A Complete Training Management Solution for Efficiency, Throughput, Proficiency & Readiness

Our skill lies in the ability to bring you a complete solution to all your training management needs. We have a state-of-the-art LMS, however, it is only one component of our comprehensive solution. Fox has been developed from the real-time training needs of the world's top aviationaerospace, defense and homeland security forces as well as that of education and financial institutions.

Our system enables training establishments, training centers, operational units and military organizations to increase operational efficiency, improve training throughput and effectiveness, and continuously expand and assure proficiency and readiness.

Fox enhances efficiency and ensures greater throughput as it turns training requests into results; makes compliance management easy; supports higher trainee achievement at faster rates; manages complex scheduling tasks; maximizes resource usage; facilitates a seamless workflow; and enables accurate analysis and decision-making.

LMS on iPad of Fox Training Management System