Training Program Recordkeeping & Monitoring

Recordkeeping, Monitoring & Reporting

Recordkeeping, Dashboards, Analytics and Reports for Data Insight & Decision-Making


Data maintenance for archiving and regulatory compliance
Fox’s Recordkeeping & Personal File module stores and manages logistical training, qualification and personal data for recordkeeping and compliance with governing authorities. It maintains all versions of training activities and personal records that are tracked through the system and archives them for prosperity. Managers can generate and transfer the stored data to conform regulatory reporting requirements, in any format.
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Managerial Dashboards

Enable total program oversight and control
Fox improves managerial control and allows a focus on the big picture through personalized monitoring portal dashboard views. Viewable on a computer or hand-held device, Fox dashboards facilitate better training program management and decision-making for planning, procurement, personnel and resource allocation. Fox’s customized dashboards present real-time situational readiness data for individuals, teams and units, enabling managers to detect individual and systemic strengths and weaknesses.
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Fine-tune operations through data insight
Fox exposes insights from its vast stores of data to enable a greater understanding of training operations. Using customized dashboards and a powerful report generator, the analytics module enables users to easily analyze data to fine-tune operations, keep abreast of trends, mitigate problems, and leverage success.
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Dynamic reports for training analysis and compliance
Fox's customizable dashboards combined with Microsoft's Report Builder creates a powerful tool for training performance enhancement, compliance with governing oversight entities, and training data analysis for operations improvement. Fox provides both built-in and customized reports, graphs and dashboards as needed. These reports, generated from Fox's dashboards, make it possible to closely track all aspects of an organization's training operations in order to make real-time training improvements. The detailed program analysis helps identify training weaknesses. Fox reports can reveal the overall training health of the organization with real-time data-based reports on student and instructor performance trends; individual student and instructor assessment and feedback results; asset utilization and capacity, schedules, compliance and qualification statuses; and much more. Learn more...