Aerospace, Armed Forces

Police and Security, and Emergency Services

Where missions are critical and mistakes can cost lives, controlling the training and competency of each individual and the readiness of every unit is what makes all the difference.

Comprehensive and scalable, Fox ensures forces rapidly acquire the competency necessary to perform their tasks and duties.

Readiness & Excellence

With operational requirements expanding and budgets coming under increasing scrutiny, the challenge for decision-makers is how to ensure their forces are constantly prepared to respond to a wider range of potential missions and scenarios.

Fox enables you to build adaptive training plans to achieve a defined set of objectives within a specific timeframe and budget, thanks to its unique training management tools and algorithms.

Define your objectives in Fox and plan training accordingly, taking into account any requirements and constraints. Constantly measure and control progress with Fox’s analytic tools indicating any gaps or deviations from the training plan, allowing you to control the actual readiness picture in real time.

Fox is the only system that can correlate training needs, competency and readiness requirements – with budget and resource requirements, allowing decision makers to plan and manage readiness in all its aspects (budget, resources and constraints) in a simple manner. You can even run alternative scenarios to compare between readiness plans.

Fox for Mission Success

Fox’s optimization algorithms have been designed, calibrated and proven to maximize training efficiency, minimize costs and increase capacity.

With over 30 years’ experience in security and defense training, Fox is already used by many of its biggest players. 

Large or small, Fox will improve your training operations, boost trainer and trainee satisfaction, and provide greater control over your level of readiness.

Fox is the ideal solution for aerospace, defense and security organizations to manage challenging training, learning and qualification requirements in a single platform – bringing about a change in your force’s training culture.

Incorporating Advanced VR  into Fox

Britannica Knowledge Systems has integrated the Fox training management system with VTR’s virtual reality platform, FlightDeckToGo, and DiSTI’s Schoolhouse, a managed virtual training solution. This integration allows students to train on any headset in their possession and automates the recording of performance results captured during the VR-based training session.

Fox now offers a complete view of performance, as the solution seamlessly integrates evaluation and performance  records from all sources including tests, courseware, attendance, SIM evaluations, and VR devices into each trainee’s personnel file.

Fox is used to optimize security and defense training operations across the globe

Fox for Military & Defense

Manage complex mission training for both units and individuals – increase efficiency and organizational flexibility

  • Optimize scheduling, resource allocation, qualification and workflow management
  • Establish and oversee force-wide training policies and standards (top-to-bottom approach)
  • Support all role and unit-based training development, delivery and record-management (bottom-up approach)
  • Manage individual trainee professional development throughout their entire service
  • Enable offline remote learning and grading in the field via Fox’s mobile app
  • Generate long and short-term training plans based on “what-if" simulations, alternative and budget analysis, bottleneck forecasting and workload balancing
  • Access real-time data on operational readiness for informed decision making via data visualization
  • Securely share data with other force systems, assuring accuracy and avoiding repetitive data entry into multiple systems
Military and Defense Training
Fox for Aerospace

Fox for Aerospace

Fox manages mission training and controls compliance with industry quality and safety standards (such as AS 9100)

  • Manage mission-critical, highly regulated individual and group training
  • Standardize and automate training processes across departments, locations, subsidiaries etc.
  • Accelerate time to competence and increase learning effectiveness
  • Simplify complex scheduling and resource allocation tasks
  • Standardized performance and knowledge assessment
  • Enable offline remote learning and grading in the field via Fox’s mobile app
  • Improve satisfaction and quality of life for trainers and trainees

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Fox for Security Forces

Respond quickly to dynamic training requirements, while ensuring outstanding quality

  • Maintain a situational overview (COP) of unit and individual readiness
  • Define job tasks and skills at various levels and use that information to build training programs
  • Identify real-time strengths, weaknesses – continuously measure training gaps against learning objectives
  • Facilitate performance improvement via briefing and debriefing tools
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of qualification training
  • Generate training reports and records to satisfy legal and compliance requirements, and minimize litigation risk

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Fox for Emergency Services

Fox for Emergency Services

Ensure an effective training experience for First Responders, Firefighters, Paramedics, Disaster and Recovery teams

  • Simplify complex scheduling and resource allocation tasks
  • Accelerate time to competence, increase learning effectiveness and reduce cost of training
  • Enable offline remote learning and grading in the field via Fox’s mobile app
  • Manage individual trainee professional development and measure unit progress
  • Maintain a situational overview of unit and individual readiness
  • Facilitate performance improvement via briefing and debriefing tools

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Boost Your Training with Fox

Training & Curriculum Design

Systemize training curricula through objective/task analysis


Optimize planning for increased training throughput

Request Management

Rapidly transform training requests into executable training


Simplify courseware development and delivery

Scheduling & Resource

Simplify complex scheduling processes & optimize schedules

Qualification & Certification

Manage the complete lifecycle of qualification training


Streamline instructor & crew qualification management

Reports & Analytics

Enhance operational monitoring, control & decision-making

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