Security Force Training Management

Security Force Training Management

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Fox provides law enforcement agencies, public safety units, first responders, and HLS units with a comprehensive training and competency management system that enhances both individual and unit performance, while maintaining a high level of overall readiness. It helps establish efficient, replicable and scalable processes to plan for crises, by supporting a seamless combination of the essential activities for total preparedness. These activities include training development and performance measurement, scheduling and resource management, compliance, connectivity between units, and complete oversight.

Joint emergency headquarters and command posts obtain through Fox, a centralized, clear and constant training program situational view, as well as the ability to quickly and effectively bridge identified critical readiness and competency gaps using automated tools. Fox supports compliance through qualification and currency management, ensuring that personnel have the necessary knowledge, skills and permission to perform their functional duties. And as Fox manages training, performance and qualification, our recordkeeping function amasses legally-defensible archives of compliance and training records.

Preparedness Management

Readiness Monitoring and Analysis

Fox presents users with a clear, continuous, integrated situational overview of unit readiness, correlated to predefined emergency standards and scenarios. It provides all levels of command with personalized dashboards presenting real-time situational views and alerts that are automatically analyzed to ensure that critical gaps in qualifications and competencies are identified and addressed immediately.

Performance Enhancement

Fox ensures that responding units are constantly enhancing their operational capabilities by implementing lessons learned and operational insights acquired from previous missions. The solution equips emergency response units with easy-to-use briefing and debriefing tools, enabling operational analysis that is focused on constant performance improvement.