Consulting & Implementation Services

Consulting & Implementation Services Overview

Maximizing Your Fox Application: Services for Complete Productivity

Assuring the long-term business success of our partners and customers is built on close collaboration and the ability to adapt our solutions to our customer's needs and requirements. We work closely with our customers and conduct frequent needs assessments to recognize new demands as they arise and as conditions change.

Frequent customer interaction and onsite implementation not only ensures customer responsiveness, they build a shared knowledgebase to enable timely and effective decision making. Boasting one of the most experienced services staff in the industry, with hundreds of successful implementations achieved, our team provides turnkey solutions to ensure that customers capitalize on the full value of Fox's offering, and to further maximize the success and return on investment of Fox's implementation.

In addition to optimizing our customers' training operations with our training and readiness management solution, Britannica experts help install and configure a customer's system for complete productivity. We can support the full project lifecycle or we can deliver a wide array of standalone professional services in the following areas: AQP/ATQP services for airlines and training providers, Consulting, Implementation, Training, Hosting (SaaS),  Support and Maintenance.

Winning Combo for Successful Fox TMS Implementation: Product, Experience, Methodology