Proven, Customized, In-Depth, Sector-Specialized Functionality

Specialized Sector Solutions

Proven, Customized, In-Depth, Sector-Specialized Functionality

Fox has been widely field-tested by complex training operations of foremost organizations across the globe. For each one of the markets that we specialize in, we have proven, customized, in-depth specialized functionality that meet the specific needs of that sector. Brief examples are as follows:

  • For the civil aviation sector, Fox has the most robust and innovative qualification management and reporting solution for both traditional and alternative [FAA's Advanced Qualification Program (AQP)/EASA's Alternative Training and Qualification Programme (ATQP)/JCAB's Advanced Qualification Program (AQP)] evidence-based regulatory programs.
  • For defense forces, Fox helps conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to systematically define job tasks and skills and use that information to build training that continuously measures gaps against learning objectives, ensuring efficiency and mission-critical training accuracy.
  • For Unmanned Aerial Systems or Aircraft Systems (UAS), Fox provides a comprehensive performance assessment solution designed to measure skills and core competencies, evaluate execution and drive performance improvements. It analyzes and assesses performance data gathered on core competencies to support key decision making processes, such as progress review boards.
  • For corporations, Fox uniquely pushes to each employee portal, training that is relevant to their specific function, the corporate culture, internal processes, and industry.
  • For security forces, headquarters maintain real-time intelligence with a centralized, clear and constant situational view. Personalized to each command level, commanders have desktop portals that constantly display situational facts, enable collaboration and alerts, and are integrated with the condition of unit readiness. 

The system's powerful monitoring and reporting features that compares goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against results, ensuring that decision-makers are continually apprised of progress and able to fine-tune operations in real-time. 

Learn more about our training and readiness management solutions for Defense Forces, Civil Aviation, UAS, Corporations, and Security sectors.

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