Fox Training Management System Technical Overview

Fox TMS Technical Overview

Commercial-Off-the-Shelf and Ready to Use

A pre-built commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) training management system, Fox was developed as a broad technology platform for managing training, qualifications and learning. During our more than 30 years in the field, we have honed this sophisticated, fully integrated, and flexible platform to enhance training operations for large organizations in a variety of industries, including civil aviation, military aviation, aerospace, first responders and emergency services, banks, and other corporate clients.

The Fox platform is continually being developed by our dedicated team of programmers and advisors, ensuring that our solution meets the ever-changing needs of our customers. It is designed to help organizations improve training and learning, ensure compliance, and enhance operations. Fox is a modular solution that is tailored and configured to match your specific needs. A user-friendly application with an intuitive API, Fox integrates easily with other enterprise software and is implemented quickly.

As a COTS system, Fox is more reliable than custom built software because its dependability is proven through use by other organizations. It is of higher quality and complexity because competition, ongoing customizations, and industry specialists constantly drive improvement. It is more maintainable because the systems documentation is provided with the application. And, it is more rapidly implemented because extensive programming is not required.

Customized features developed for a specific customer are incorporated into the standard system and supported for all customers as part of periodic upgrades to our COTS product. We view this customization procedure as an essential part of our product management process in driving the continuing improvement of our product. For this reason, we have given Fox a flexible structure that facilitates modification.  As a result, our development staff and customer support team are able to work with a single version of our system that is continuously evolving.

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Features and Benefits

  • 100% Web-based, thin client architecture: Fox supports multiple browsers and can be easily accessed, requiring only network connectivity to the Fox servers. The platform does not require a plug-in or Active-X installation, and is ready for use right away.
  • COTS (Commercial-off-the-Shelf): Why build an application when you can buy it? Fox saves time and money while delivering a well-tested, web-based platform designed to help improve training and learning, ensure compliance and enhance operations.
  • User-friendly: Fox is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to easily manipulate data and configure dashboard graphs as well as reports that exactly meet their needs.
  • Modular: Fox is comprised of distinct modules designed to meet your complex and ever-changing needs. You can select the modules you wish to initially implement and add any others at a later stage.
  • Scalable and flexible deployment: As a modular platform, based on a multi-tiered architecture, Fox provides fully scalable and flexible deployment. Fox can be easily deployed on a multi-server infrastructure, providing redundancy and fault tolerance.
  • Highly configurable: Fox is extremely adaptable and configurable, easily adjusting to each organization's look and feel while it maintains a user-friendly interface. Organizations have control over all aspects of the system (no development skills necessary) in customizing functions to meet organizational requirements.
  • Customizable: Our technical team works closely with customers to design scalable and affordable solutions and ensure that their system architecture can successfully support critical elements. When needed, Britannica can also develop customized solutions to meet specific functional requirements.
  • Multilingual support, localization and configuration capabilities: The Fox suite is fully-customizable allowing for specific localization and easy assimilation. The system supports multiple languages, customized terminology, time and date formats, backgrounds and logos.
  • Advanced interoperability: Fox's broad set of APIs enables quick and easy integration with existing technology such as ERP software, LDAP protocols, portals, and other commonly used applications and databases. This is achieved by making use of technologies such as, LDAP protocols, Web-services, SCORM objects, and other common standards.
  • Secure base: Fox utilizes the most up-to-date security measures, providing a fortified security system. The Fox platform supports TLS, SSL, and VPN, biometric and other leading forms of encryption.
  • Mobile: Fox can be operated from a variety of mobile and handheld devices such as laptops and tablets. Offline support is available for key features and modules suitable for training and operations under field conditions.

System Administration

Fox's system administration provides organizations the ability to fully control the use of Fox within the organization. Fox is managed by a central administrator and delegated system manager within the organization. The administration features allow the administrator and authorized managers to grant permission/access to specific sections or content users based upon user roles. Other system administration features provide the ability to view the system's audit log, set system default values and other settings.