Why Us: The Britannica Difference

The Britannica Difference

Commitment. Responsiveness. Support. Functionality.

Successful software implementation doesn't depend only on technology. It starts with an understanding of your requirements, continues with delivery expertise and responsiveness, and the final result is a flexible system that meets your needs and is able to grow and change with you.

At Britannica Knowledge Systems, our mantra of "commitment, responsiveness and support" guides us to deliver the functionality you need to achieve your goals.

Fox is a cutting-edge solution, but the Britannica Difference is not only about the software. It's a combination of the most advanced technology, proven methodologies developed from vast experience, and a commitment to your success. And, as a subsidiary of the 250 year-old Encyclopædia Britannica, it comes with a trusted name which is synonymous with knowledge.

That's the Britannica Difference, but here are a few more reasons: