Training on Fox System Use

Training on Fox System Use

Onsite Instruction for a Fully-Leveraged Investment

Our training services empower users with the knowledge necessary to take maximum advantage of the Fox suite. By instructing on the system's features and functions while sharing training and readiness management best practices, customers and partners are able to simultaneously expand their knowledge and decrease support and administration costs.

Britannica offers flexible instructor-led, in-person and e-learning programs to meet the specific needs of your user community. This instruction facilitates the provision of the most relevant state-of-the-art techniques for effective on-the-job learning. After implementation, we train your people on how to use Fox including all components and modules. By the end of the course, your participating team of "super-users" should be able to operate the system using all components and train other employees. We provide system manuals and presentations that contain all information taught in the training sessions. Our instruction can include: tutorials for managers, system operation workshops for system specialists and learning environment managers, TTT training (train-the-trainer), training the Help Desk team, field implementation training, and report workshops.

Advantages of training with Britannica Knowledge Systems

With our readiness and learning management system training program, your team and organization will be able to:

  • Learn from the world's leading training software developers and experts
  • Leverage Fox's features immediately to achieve business goals more quickly and effectively
  • Obtain a full range of hands-on training and education services, including train-the-trainer options to increase training capacity.

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