Training Scheduling & Resource Management

Training Scheduling & Resource Management

Scheduling & Resource Management for
Maximized Efficiently & Total Resource Utilization


Expanding Training Capacity
The proprietary Fox Optimizer is an intelligent decision-making solution that helps produce optimized valid schedules supporting an unlimited amount and types of resources, locations, training activities, scheduling rules, and costs. It helps minimize operational expenses and maximize possible revenues while satisfying training demand without violating rules, regulations or restrictions.
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Scheduling Management

Automating scheduling for accuracy, ease and efficiency
Fox ensures ease and maximum efficiency when it comes to training program and mission execution. Fox synchronizes physical equipment and teaching space with human instructor availability with the click of a button. With tiresome manual scheduling efforts out of the way, managers can focus on the big picture of training management oversight.  
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Resource Management

Maximizing resource utilization
Fox improves total resource utilization and efficiency by ensuring that the most suitable resources are allocated for each training event. Fox enables selection of no more or less than the ideal resource. Since resources are only apportioned for the necessary hours, it minimizes costly idle time. 
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Systemized planning for complex training operations
Fox enables systemized planning for increased program effectiveness. Its sophisticated simulated scenarios and advanced analytical methodologies help you forecast, plan, and optimize organizational training and resource allocation. It automatically models scheduling and resource allocation scenarios through its time-cost-resource optimization (TCRO) planning and analysis feature.  This enables the avoidance of costly, time consuming and erroneous manual planning efforts. 
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Request Management

Transforming requests into actual training
Fox transforms training requests into actual training by simplifying training request planning. Fox enables flexible user-defined data intake for easy input of training and resource requests. Dashboard portal views provide a complete picture of the training needs against all available resources for better training planning and scheduling. 

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