Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Training Management

UAS Training Management

Optimize UAS Training Processes, Ensure Mission Success

UAS Training Management Drone image

As Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) become ever more critical to the success of both frontline missions and a growing number of essential civil applications, UAS training centers are pressured to meet rising throughput targets for highly trained and qualified UAS operators. With soaring numbers of UAS operational missions, frontline units often lack accurate, real time information on operator qualifications and competencies, and the tools they need to handle complex scheduling and resource management challenges.

Recognizing these challenges, The Fox UAS solution offers training centers, UAS flying schools, and system integrators the tools they need to plan and deliver successful training operations based on defined throughput requirements. The Fox system employs sophisticated simulated scenarios and advanced analytical capabilities to optimize planning processes. Fox also enhances UAS training processes and ensures continual operational mission success through safe and efficient execution of UAS operations, increased UAS training throughput, improved UAS operator proficiency, and the ability to plan effectively.