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Who Uses Fox?

Trusted by Leading Training Organizations Worldwide

 Britannica has a proven track record in delivering complex international projects and is a trusted partner of leading organizations worldwide. Our goal in delivering training and readiness management solutions is to continuously provide the most beneficial technology to meet the ever-changing needs of our partners and clients. We constantly enhance our proven optimization solution to deliver increased training throughput, higher trainee achievement, better resource allocation and utilization, and reduced administration costs.

Britannica manages the following activities in these sectors and organizations:

  • Civil Aviation Training Management ImageAirlines, training providers, training centers, academies, flight schools, and airports: Fox enables civil aviation entities to most efficiently and effectively manage qualification, training and learning. In addition to a comprehensive set of features for designing, scheduling, executing and evaluating training, Fox helps managers gain insight for sound decision-making through configurable desktop portal dashboards that accurately present relevant data in useful charts and reports. The result is an optimized training program that continuously self-validates for ongoing performance improvement. More on civil aviation training optimization.
  • Army combat forces, home front command, air forces, navies and military schoolhouses:                      
    Fox Defense Force Training Management
    Fox is designed to optimize and simplify training, readiness and operation management processes for a wide variety of defense force training establishments and operational units. Modular and scalable, Fox helps defense forces develop a winning training plan, commencing with an accurate assessment of training needs and progressing with training program design, implementation and evaluation. It enables easy management of complicated military scheduling scenarios, synchronizing physical equipment and multiple locations with instructors and trainees. And its flexible and robust qualification management solution oversees the complete lifecycle of readiness training, providing critical insights for continual proficiency and safety improvement. More on defense training optimization.
  • Fox Training Management System for Security Forces: Public safety and first responders such as EMS, police and fire departments, law enforcement, and homeland security unitsPublic safety and first responders such as EMS, police and fire departments, law enforcement, and homeland security units: Fox efficiently manages and ensures preparedness to rapidly and effectively respond to terrorist incidents, major disasters and other emergencies. Used by multiple security and response units in areas of the world that have seen countless emergencies and acts of terror, Fox establishes efficient, replicable and scalable processes to plan for crises. It supports a seamless combination of the essential activities for total preparedness: proper training and performance measurement, the right equipment, situational awareness, and connectivity between units. More on security organization training optimization.
  • Fox Training Management System for Corporations including banks, accounting firms, health care service providers, high-technology companies, retail chains, and telecommunication companies: Corporations including banks, accounting firms, health care service providers, high-technology companies, retail chains, and telecommunication companies: Corporations utilize Fox for onsite learning as well as training at corporate campuses and academies. Corporate customers employ Fox for developing, managing, rewarding and optimizing organizational talent to increase workforce productivity, proficiency and maximize operating performance. The Fox training and readiness management system operates as a performance improvement tool as it helps employees gain proficiency and quickly embrace new practices.  More on corporate training optimization.
  • Fox Training Management System for Training centers and UAS flying schoolsTraining centers and UAS flying schools: Fox offers the tools needed to plan, schedule and deliver successful training operations based on defined throughput requirements. Fox employs sophisticated simulated scenarios and advanced analytical capabilities to optimize your organization’s planning processes, providing multiple “what if” scenarios to support bottleneck forecasting, conflict prevention and optimized workload balancing. Fox optimizes UAS training processes and ensures continual operational mission success through safe and efficient execution of UAS operations, increased UAS training throughput, improved UAS operator proficiency, and the ability to plan effectively. More on UAS training optimization.

Please see "Britannica Customer Testimonials" to see what customers and partners say about Fox and the experience of working with Britannica Knowledge Systems. To see Fox in action, please click on "Customer Videos," for a Canadian Air Force video that shows the Fox platform in use by the Air Force Integrated Information and Learning Environment (AFIILE) program, the web portal to link students, instructors, training resources, and course management capabilities into a seamless system.