Unparalleled Program Control through Personalized Monitoring Portal Dashboards

Total Program Oversight

Unparalleled Program Control through Personalized Monitoring Portal Dashboard Views

By using the insights that Fox exposes, managers and commanders can improve operations, keep abreast of trends, mitigate problems, and leverage success. Fox is unparalleled in the way it delivers total training program control to managers and commanders.

It allows a focus on the big picture through personalized monitoring portal dashboard views that present real-time situational readiness data of individual, team and unit progress in relevant visual tables, charts and graphs. These views enable managers to detect individual and systemic strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments for improvements.

Users can also create presentation and reports that compare results with predefined key performance indicator (KPI) data. Through built-in analytic charts and reports, Fox helps you transform your raw data into meaningful and useful business intelligence (BI) or operational statistics to enable a greater understanding of your training operations.

 Fox Training Management System Oversight on Ipad